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  • Zoie Anouk 5 Ø 34.3 cm/ Height:33.5 cm Select Colour $199.00
  • Zoie Anouk 8 Ø 54.5 cm/ Height:52.5 cm Select Colour $460.00
  • Zoie Anouk 10 Ø 74 cm/ Height:72 cm Select Colour $699.00
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Product description

Zoie Anouk is a planter for indoor and outdoor use (sheltered) that offers sanctuary by receiving the sacredness of life's seeds and shoots deep within its internal housing. Organic and maternal, Zoie further embraces the most delicate and vulnerable moments of nature's cycle within a moulded outer canopy that supports the growth and sustainability of biological life.

Available in a range of colours. Enquire today to find the right colour for you.

Zoie 5:
Weight: 1kg
Grow Pot: 5"/12.5 cm
Water Res: 0.7L

Zoie 8:
Weight: 4kg
Grow Pot: 8"/20 cm
Water Res: 2.25L

Zoie 10:
Weight: 5kg
Grow Pot: 10"/25 cm
Water Res: 6L

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