by Mondum

  • Mondum Square 40 40x40x45H with Aluminium Legs $163.00
  • Mondum Square Table Top Only 80Wx80H $172.00
  • Mondum Table Legs 45H 13x12x7 $22.00
  • Mondum Table Legs 45H - Wood 13x12x7 $28.00
  • Mondum Table Legs 75H 43x12x7 $58.00
  • Mondum Table Legs 75H - Wood 43x12x7 $77.00
  • Mondum Table Legs 95H 63x12x7 $66.00
  • Mondum Table Legs 95H - Wood 63x12x7 $129.00
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Product description

The new Mondum has the diversity and functionality that every individual or business needs. Its uniqueness comes with its interchangeable wooden & aluminium legs, built to suit indoors or out, so you can adjust the height of your planter to suit your needs.

The Mondum MediterrĂ¡neo is available in both round & square in a range of colours from red, black, white and charcoal also available with attachable tabletop. The table top turns the planter into a corner table or bar table, the possibilities are endless.

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