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  • Cabriolet Trough Interior L:120 x W:46 x H:60 cm & Mulch Rings Included Select Colour $638.00
  • Cabriolet Trough Exterior L:120 x W:46 x H:60 cm Select Colour $671.00
  • Cabriolet Trough Mulch Plate L:115 x W:39 x H:5 cm Select Colour $77.00
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Product description

The Cabriolet Cottapots are impressive, sleek and innovative. They have an advanced planter system with sub watering strategies for both interior and exterior usage. The Cabriolet Trough and Square pots can be used together to create a statement piece or used individually.

Further information about the planter:
Cabriolet Trough
Weight: 18kg
Grow Pot: 3 x 13"/33 cm
Water Res: 60L

Cabriolet Trough Mulch Plate:
Weight: 2kg
Grow Pot: 3 x 13"/33 cm

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