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  • Limbo Bench L:230 x W:77 x H:45 cm $2310.00
  • Limbo LED L:230 x W:77 x H:45 cm $2750.00
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Product description

Limbo; a 3 – 4 person seater, translates its inspired origins of the age-loved party trick of ‘limbo, how low can you go’ into a functional and beautifully resolved product that celebrates the very same ideals of drawing people together into community. Designed by Andrew Berry.

Limbo LED; a great choice for any event. Illuminates, and pulses in a range of colours using a remote control. Also available in a fixed natural bright white glow. Exhibited at VIVD Light Festival Sydney Opera House Precinct 2013. The Limbo has the aesthetics as well as the comfort and design. A stunning work of art by Andrew Berry.

Berry Limbo & LED Seater
L:230 x W:77 x H:45 cm
Weight: 30kg

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