The Advantages of Fibreglass Planters and Pots and Where to Buy a Large Fibreglass Planter Box in Perth

When it comes to choosing planters – whether for your garden or patio or commercial space – there are many options. One of the most popular materials for planters is fibreglass. At Plantercraft, we offer a range of fibreglass planters in Perth because of their modern, sophisticated aesthetic and stylish appeal. Here are some of their other benefits. 

Strong andlightweight

Fibreglass pots – especially those located indoors – sometimes have to be moved around to accommodate events, renovations, and cleaning. That means it can be beneficial to have large planters that are still lightweight enough to move. You can find many large fibreglass planters in Perth that are much lighter in weight than stone while also strong and sturdy enough to rearrange on occasion.


Plantercraft has a wide range of fibreglass pots in Perth made from high-quality woven glass material and stylishly finished with UV-resistant polyurethane. This finish ensures that the colour of the fibreglass remains beautiful even in the sun and protects the planter from fading and cracking due to UV exposure. You can also safely leave your fibreglass planter outside without worrying about damage from rain or snow, as this material is quite weather-resistant. Fibreglass planters are also strong and durable enough to hold even large trees and shrubs safely, both indoors and out. 

Beautiful finishes

Fibreglass pots feature sophisticated finishes that add a touch of elegance to any décor. The special paints used come in a range of neutrals and brights to suit your style and add a rich look to your home or office. These smooth, coloured finishes highlight the beauty of the plants themselves rather than overpowering them. Fibreglass planters are strong, durable, lightweight, and stylish – perfect for most design or landscape applications. 

Easy care

Your fibreglass planter box is low- to no-maintenance, making it one of the most convenient choices for your plant-based décor. All you’ll ever need to do is wash it with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water as needed – avoiding abrasive materials such as steel wool. You can also find colour finish touch-up kits for concealing small scratches or chips. Of course, the durability of these planters means you won’t have to worry about replacing them every few years, making them cost-effective as well. 

Where to buy a fibreglass planter boxes in Perth

At Plantercraft, we offer a great selection of planters including the favourite Lechuza sub-irrigated planters. Lechuza planters are high-quality, lightweight planters ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Along with our range of Australian-made fibreglass pots, we also supply green walls (also known as vertical gardens) as well as furniture that expresses the same sleek, modern style as our planters. Our team members are experienced and skilled in the plant industry and can answer all your questions when it comes to choosing the perfect plant-holders and putting together a great design for a residential or commercial space. Contact Plantercraft for more information. 

For further information, or to arrange an obligation-free quote, contact the friendly team at Plantercraft on (08) 9249 9078