Bandit seating and table


Home furniture

Our range of modern furniture brands is both practical and decorative at the same time, which will leave your home looking stylish and comfortable. Turn your home office into your favourite area with our exciting home and office furniture. Our unique and contemporary designs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and you can browse the colours and styles to find what suits your personal taste.

Office furniture

Spice up your workspace with some modern office furniture. We offer a wide range of different shapes, sizes and styles of commercial furniture designs for you to choose from, such as office chairs and desks, even items suitable for an amazing meeting room. Establish a creative atmosphere by adding some unique and beautifully shaped pieces of furniture, or turn a designated space into a chill area by filling it with stylish and comfortable designer pieces.

The Bandit range of furniture is ideal if you want to set up a space for your employees to enjoy their lunch. The Bandit tables are ideal for indoor areas to be functional but serve as a decorative piece at the same time. Add some Bandit stools that are utilitarian too, with integrated handholds for easy lifting and stacking features for when they’re not being used.

Outdoor furniture

Who ever said that outside furniture should be boring and functional? As outdoor furniture specialists, we bring you some of the best luxury outdoor furniture in Perth. With our exciting designs, you can now get practical and fun!

Our Limbo Range of furniture is perfect to add a sense of intrigue and style to your outside area or garden. The Limbo is a three to four person seater, that translates its inspired origins of the age-loved party trick of ‘limbo, how low can you go’ into a functional and beautifully resolved product that celebrates the very same ideals of drawing people together into a community. Add some stylish garden furniture to your outdoor area for the spring and summer months.

The Limbo is also available in a LED version, the Limbo LED, which is a great choice for any event. It illuminates and pulses in a range of colours, controlled by a remote control. If you don’t like the different colours, it’s also available in a fixed natural bright white glow.

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